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Summer Update

The summer has drawn in very quickly for the team at J.R Evans. We are, however, delighted to report that we have had a great few months. Our garden maintenance service was fully booked throughout the summer, so much so that we added a new addition to the team. Jason joined us in June and has been doing a sterling job over the last few months. Jason and Nick are now working as a team maintaining gardens and estates from Aberfeldy to Errol.

We are delighted to see the improvement in conditions of many of our gardens over the past few weeks. The streak of hot weather put the natural flora and fauna of many gardens under extreme pressure. You will most likely have seen many lawns with patchy yellow grass over this period. The yellowness in the grass was due to the intensity of the heat from the sun and lack of rain. Now that the scorching weather has subsided and the grass is being well fed, they are beginning to look lovely and lush again.

We have also been continuing to work on a considerable amount of summer house projects. The majority of our customers that are choosing our team to lay their summer house bases are also opting for other gardening design works. We have been helping many customers transform their gardens with the addition of not only a summer house but also a spacious patio and decking. Most recently Jonathon and Michael spent a few days a bit further north in Dingwall. They were working on a landscaping project. Over the space of a few days, they managed to lay a substantial base for a summer house from Gillies & Mackay and also a foundation base for a greenhouse. They were even treated to some home

brewed beer and wood-fired pizza by Penny and her husband that owned the property. Undoubtedly it was a great few days for the landscaping team.

Its been rewarding to be involved with some many landscaping projects over the summer months and we are so humbled that we are receiving so much repeat custom. A huge thanks again to our friends at Gillies & Mackay for recommending us for these projects.

We have made great strides with the polytunnel over the summer months. However, due to the exceptional heat and the microclimate in the polytunnel, much of the crop grew faster than we expected. The expedited growth of the crops meant that our time frame for harvest was slightly off. We decided to keep and use much of the produce for personal consumption. We currently have chillies, peppers, tomatoes, beetroots and leeks ready for harvest. However, we don't have sufficient quantities to be able to sell the produce locally. Our plan for next year is to focus on a smaller selection of vegetables and fruit but to grow but to grow in more significant quantities. This should ensure we have sufficient products to fill a vegetable box.

We are very much looking forward to Autumn. Its a great time of year to be working outside. If you need any assistance with your gardening or landscaping projects over the next few months, then please get in touch. You can reach via Facebook, email or via the live chat application or contact form on our website.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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