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Therapy from your garden

When the landscaping team at J.R. Evans start to plan and designing gardens there are a few things that they always consider. They consider the space and how it can be best used, They consider the functionality of the garden and what it will be used for, they also consider the style of the garden and if the garden will be easy to maintain. However, they don't often consider how therapeutic a garden can or will be.

Obtaining therapy from your garden doesn't seem to be on the top of our customers wish list and, as yet it is not something that we have ever received a request for. However, I was watching a TV programme a few weeks ago; It was one of those fabulous programmes where some nice designers makeover a garden. Usually, the person that is receiving the makeover has done some good deed or is in need of a helping hand. It's all very lovely to watch. Having since watched a few other episodes of the same programme it was evident that there was to be a reoccurring design theme - Therapy from your garden. It got me thinking. Could this be the next big trend and if so what are the best was to incorporate therapy into your garden?

There are many different interpretations of therapy. The therapy that I think suits your garden is therapy for the soul and mind. The kind of therapy that helps you relax and unwind after a long day. With that in mind, I have listed a few ideas that can help you incorporate therapy into your garden.

Hot tubs

Over the last five years or so we have started to see small elements of therapy being introduced into gardens. Hot tubs are a prime example of this. They used to be a luxury item that would only be found in the most glamorous of gardens. However, due to demand, they have become much more affordable and accessible to the average Jo. I wonder how many of these hot tubs are being used for therapy though? I'm sure in the grand scheme of things that they are therapeutic but I'm certain many will have been purchased originally for leisure purposes. Regardless, they are a great therapeutic tool. People love a good soak especially when it is cold and there is crispness in the air ( a regular occurrence in our climate). Hot tubs are still fairly expensive. However, you can obtain a quality four-seater hot tub for around £3000. Definitely a worthwhile investment.


Another of our garden favourites that is extremely popular right now is the summerhouse; we love these little snippets of outdoor luxury.

A Summerhouse is used for a variety of reasons such as studios, craft rooms, yoga spaces, man caves and many are used primarily for extra outdoor living space. Although many summerhouses will have been purchased without therapy being at the top of the agenda, I am sure that the extra space provided for you to complete your hobby or for you to relax and unwind is undoubtedly therapeutic. Even if you don't realise it.

Vegetable Gardens and Gardening

There is no denying that the number one reason for creating a vegetable garden is grow some lovely edible vegetables. However, vegetable gardening certainly has therapeutic qualities. Working on your vegetable garden can be incredibly relaxing and rewarding. It also focuses your mind and fills you with an incredible sense of achievement once you have

successfully grown a bountiful crop. Gardening itself has many therapeutic qualities. In general, people love to be outside and to be apart of nature. A 2014 study by the national garden scheme showed that more than a third of people questioned (39 per cent) said that being in a garden makes them feel healthier, while 79 per cent believe that access to a garden is essential for quality of life

Fire Pit

Another prevalent feature that we are beginning to see more often. Fire pits are first and foremost a design feature, but who says they can't have dual functionality? Fire pits became extremely trendy a few years ago when a continuous succession of chimneys and fire pits began to pop up in garden centres. These days people tend to opt for built-in fire pits that add a real wow factor to their gardens.

I love fire pits. I find them incredibly relaxing and think they provide fantastic therapy after a long day. On a brisk autumn day, I can think of nothing lovelier than sitting with a nice glass of wine, cosy with a blanket beside a fire pit with a good book in hand. Bliss!

If you are hoping to incorporate a little bit of therapy to your garden and don't know where to start then, J.R Evans can help. Our expert gardeners and landscapers can help you develop and design your dream garden. As a first step they will provide you with a free consultation and quotation, You can reach us via our website, facebook, or email.

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