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Autumnal Flowers

The majority of the work we do is hard graft. There is a considerable amount of lifting, moving, bending, shovelling and shifting. However, we don't complain. We love working outside and we love gardening. Even on a cold and raining day, it's still an enjoyable task. That being said, some tasks that are more enjoyable than others. One of the favourite things that the garden team and I get to do is to provide advice to our customers on small parts of the gardening design. Many of our customers are often asking for our advice on what they can plant to brighten up their gardens. Everyone has different requirements. Some customers are looking for low maintenance flowers; others are looking for a specific type of flowers and shrubs that they are accustomed too. However, most customers are looking for flowers that will blossom with the seasons.

Autumn is a great time for gardening. In fact my favourite. With the weather being colder and the dip in natural sunlight as we approach winter, gardens become much more comfortable to maintain. That is until the leaves begin to fall. I love autumn gardening, mainly because of the beautiful colours you start to see ascending into customer gardens. The leaves and foliage that were once green start to turn yellow and then red, gardens begin to come alive with a variety of sharp warming colours. It's a delightful transformation to watch over a few weeks. Although we are reaching a season where many flowers begin to wither; there are a considerable amount of flowers that are designed to blossom well into the Autumnal months. I have outlined a selection of autumnal flowers below that will brighten up your garden as we descend into the dark winter months.

1. Hydrangea

Hydrangeas come in a variation of bright pastel colours and can generally bloom into mid-October. Hydrangeas could grow at a rapid pace. if you decided to plant some ensure you have sufficient space for them to grow.

2. Begonias

Begonias are a versatile plant that works well in hanging baskets and pots. The grow in a vibrant selection of pink, white and red colours. They also grow well in shaded areas and don't require a tremendous amount of sunlight. Although begonias first blossom in early summer, they continue to bloom throughout Autumn until the first frost.

3. Crocus

Crocus is a species of the iris plant which has 90 different varieties. You may not be familiar with crocus however it is widespread and will have most likely seen a variation of the plant grown before. Many of the varieties look similar to tulips and are well known for blooming in autumn and winter. Crocus blossom in white, light and deep purples and also blues. A great addition to any autumnal garden

4. Dahlia

Dahlia blossom in pink, orange, reds and white and will blend beautifully with the natural autumnal colours in your garden. Dahlia first blossom in summer but are a hardy flower and continue to blossom throughout autumn until the first frost.

If you are unsure which flowers are the right fit for your garden, then get in touch with one of our team. We can provide you with expert advice on garden maintenance, garden design and landscaping. We look forward to hearing from you.

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