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Landscaping at J.R. Evans

When I started J.R. Evans Garden Maintenance I had few aims that I wanted to achieve. I wanted to work close to home, I wanted to work outdoors and I wanted to do something that I loved and that I was passionate about. I was able to achieve these aims almost immediately when I gained my first customers and began working as a maintenance gardener full time. This was just over a year ago. I could of never of imaged how my business would grow and develop. I certainly never had the expectation that the business would branch off into landscape gardening.

Not to sound too philosophical but the process of how we started landscaping was almost like fate. Or more like pure luck. I had been working in the garden at Gillies and Mackay, providing their yearly garden tidy up when I was approached by Cara. Cara was one of the business owners and had had a couple of landscaping enquiries from customers. They required foundation bases for the summer houses that she supplied. Knowing that I had a good relationship with a local stonemason Michael, I was more than happy to oblige.

Michael was a stonemason that I had previously worked with on a few projects. He began to assist me with the foundation base laying and due to customer demand, Michael very quickly joined my team full time. He has been a truly fantastic addition to the team. Michael is fully qualified and has considerable experience. One year down the line I am still in awe of the technicality of some of his work. I was truly impressed by the skill he used to construct this step.

And also how he expertly managed to lay this patio on fairly step garden slope in Dundee.

One of my favourite landscaping jobs that we completed together was this summer house base in Perth. Excavating so much land and inserting a base into a slope of this scale was a challenging job. However, Michaels expertise and technical skill had shown through. He made the base laying look effortless.

I have also been learning along the way, soaking up as many stonemasonry skills from Michael as I could possibly process. I'm now able to independently construct and lay patios, pillars and foundation bases for summer houses.

The demand for our landscaping services has also grown substantially over the last year. Having initially started landscaping to meet the demand from Gillies and Mackay's customers, we were delighted that our landscaping work began to attract the attention of other local customers.

We complete a considerable amount of landscaping in the areas which are local to us in Aberfeldy, Pitlochry and Dunkeld. However, we know also find that we are regularly travelling to Crieff, Stirling, Dundee and Edinburgh to assist customers with their landscaping requirements.

The ability to include a landscaping service as part of the business has meant that we are now also able to complete full garden redesign. Many of our customers are looking to convert their gardens into low maintenance outdoor living spaces. Others just need a small space to soak up the sun. A small patio or decking can normally help to meet their needs. Either way, whatever the size of the project, we are always happy to assist.

One of my favourite transformations was this project we completed for Mr Coburn in Perth.

The addition of a summer house and a lovely sandstone patio can really transform a once hard to maintain and unfunctional garden. We are delighted that we have been able to be a part of so many transformations over the last year.

Should you have any landscaping requirements or would like to discuss any initial plans or ideas that you have then please get in touch. We are available on email, telephone, Facebook and also via our live chat application on our website. We would be delighted to hear from you.

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