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Grow your own this summer

Our polytunnel provides us with a microclimate that allows us to grow vegetables throughout the year. We are currently harvesting lots of lovely beetroots, turnip, salad leaf, courgettes and cucumbers. We have also just put second seed potatoes in the ground and have planted out some carrots and leeks for harvest later in the year. I hope our last grow your own blog encouraged you to start developing your own kitchen garden, however, if you haven't found the time to get round to it just yet then don't worry. You still have time to get a few veggies planted this summer. At this time of year, the planting is a little more complex so if you are new to planting your own vegetables you might need an extra helping hand to get you up and running. I would be delighted to help should you need some assistance. That being said I hope this blog can provide you with enough tips and information to get you started and can also help you along the way.

Here are my top 3 suggestions of veggies to plant this summer;


Pumpkin seeds need to be sowing earlier in the year, if you haven't already sowed seeds then you can pick up some young pumpkin plants in most garden centres. These young pumpkins can be planted directly in the ground for you to harvest later in the year. Pumpkins like rich soil that is high in organic matter. They should be grown in small mounds of soil and compost around 6 ft part. Pumpkins grow in large vines so you will need plenty of space. Make sure they are planted in a sunny spot that is free from wind chill. Your pumpkins will need plenty of water. It would be better to drip feed them if you can. Planting your pumpkins just now means you will have a plentifully supply come late autumn and just in time for Halloween.


Like Pumpkins, Cauliflower seeds should have been sowed early in the year. However, you should be able to pick up small cauliflower sets to plant for yourself at your local garden centre. Cauliflowers like Pumpkins need to be planted in a sunny spot which has lots of nutrient-rich and fertile soil. Cauliflowers are part of the Kale family, their leaves and heads are tough and grow fast so you need plenty of space between each plant. Around 2ft is recommended. Cauliflowers needs to be watered well and would benefit from a nitrogen fertiliser such as sulphate of ammonia to boost growth once the cauliflower is growing well.


Celeriac is a fantastically versatile vegetable, its delicious added to mash or roasted along with some other vegetables. Its often overlooked as many don't appreciate the complexities of its flavour. I, however, think Celeriac is a great addition to your kitchen garden. Celeriac loves the sun and needs extremely moist and nutrient-rich soil. For Celeriac to grow successfully the soil needs to be kept moist throughout the growing process, and you, therefore, need to give this vegetable lots of care and attention. Plant your Celeriac's in rows around 35cm part. Celeriac is slow growing and will need lots nurturing along the way, however, look after them properly and you should have bountifully supply of this lovely veggie around October time.

If you want to add a larger selection of vegetables to your garden or just need a helping hand to get you started the team at J.R.Evans can help. Give us a call or send a message for more information.


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