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Reasons why you need a summer house in your life.

You have most likely seen that we do a considerable amount of work for customers of Gillies and MacKay, who supply excellent quality summer house and sheds from their base in Errol, Perthshire. We developed a partnership with Gillies and Mackay just over a year ago when they opened their new open-air showroom, which required some gardening design work before it opened.

I completed that work and, as I did, got chatting with Cara. Cara is the director of this family business and had embarked on an ambitious transformation programme. Part of this programme was ensuring that Gillies and Mackay could provide an all-inclusive service to their customers, ensuring that all aspects of their summer house purchase and installation were hassle free. To do this Cara needed a reliable and quality contractor that could lay foundation bases for her summer houses before they are delivered and installed to her customers. Having previously worked with Michael – a local stonemason – on few landscaping jobs, I was certain that myself and the rest of the team at J.R. Evans could undertake this work. With that, Michael joined the team full time and to date, we have successfully laid around 75 foundation bases for summer houses.

Over the next few weeks, I hope to provide you with some more information about the process of laying a foundation base for a summer house. Until then I wanted to try and convince anyone that doesn't already have one why you need to purchase one of these sensational summer houses from Gillies and Mackay.

Here are our top three reasons why you need to purchase a super summer house from Gillies and Mackay:

1. They can be your escape

Do you ever just need some time out from the house? Are your kids running wild or is your wife nagging you? Your summer house can be your escape from the real world. You can retreat and hide away from the world (or your

wife) in your bespoke summer house, or you can enjoy a good book or glass of wine before returning to the depths of reality.

2. Extra functionality

People use summer houses for lots of different reasons. Most people like to use their summer house to soak up

the sun and enjoy a bit of calm in their garden, but the extra space it offers you means that people also tend to use their summer house for a variety of different reasons. Home offices are always a favourite option, but they have also been used for artist studios, for yoga and exercise, and the occasional man cave with a pop-up bar!

3. They look amazing!

Summer houses not only provide you with extra space and functionality in your garden, they really are a great design addition. They come in all shapes and sizes: square, rectangle, hexagon, you name it! They have a

summer house design to suit everyone. They also come in a variety of colours, so they can really brighten up your outdoor space. Needless to say, these fabulous design additions will have your neighbours endlessly jealous, which is always a bonus.

To find out more about these lovely summer houses and what they can do for your garden, pop over to Gillies and Mackay. You can find them at East Inchmichael, Station Road, in Errol, or you can check out their website

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