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Spring Update

This year spring has been a particularly interesting season. Who could have predicted the cold snap would continue so far into spring? The 'Beast from the East' set us back a few weeks as it was impossible to reach many of our customers and gardening in the snow and frost is a thankless task.

The cold weather and lack of sunshine has delayed the normal ' flora' of early spring. Daffodils are blossoming later and grass and weeds are staying at bay just a little bit longer too. We completed a considerable amount of garden clean ups in early February with many enthusiastic customers keen to get their gardens functioning for spring after a long dark winter. We have had to revisit many of those gardens over the last month to complete a second round of clean ups as the bad weather put paid to so much of our hard work. However, we do appear to now be coming out at the other end, with weather improving and lots of local customers looking for assistance with lawn care and general garden maintenance.

Along with a spike of garden maintenance requests, we are delighted that customers are continuing to contact us for their garden design and landscaping requirements. Over the past month we have laid three new Indian

sandstone patios which we are thrilled with. Indian sand stone is proving to be very popular, contemporary and stylish and it can really transform your outdoor living space. We are glad that the knowledge, skills, and expertise of Michael, our stone mason, are being put to good gardening use.

Michael has also been working very hard laying lots of summer house bases for Gillies and Mackay customers. Gillies and Mackay design and build bespoke summer houses and sheds and we are delighted to be their

preferred supplier for summer house base laying. We have been so busy with summer house bases that currently we have a one-month waiting list. If you are planning to get a summer house and need a base laid, get in touch with us as soon as possible so we can secure you a date.

One of the most exciting developments for us this spring is the development of our poly tunnel. The slight hiatus in work during the ' Beast from the East' allowed us to get the poly tunnel water tight and secure. We now have some fabulous fruits and veggies growing, which will be available to purchase very shortly from our online shop.

We love growing our own fruit and vegetables on the farm. We understand that not everyone is fortunate

enough to have the land required for a poly tunnel, but vegetables can grow in the smallest of spaces. We can even help you get started with some advice and raised bed construction.

Here’s hoping the summer months are as productive as the spring months have been.

Until next time

J.R Evans

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